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Enter to the Generator Factory to create your solution from scratch.

Entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) help you understand relationships between entities within a system, such as customers, products, or order IDs.

An entity relationship diagram tool like MySql Workbench helps you conceptualize your database design before you build it, including the overall structure and the ways different types of data interact, if at all.

Make a data model with MySql Workbench, register yourself in RationalCore and voilá enjoy your Complete Solution!

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My Machines

Two slots of virtual machine environments are waiting for you.

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Select from dozens of ready-made architectures (sigle tier, Layered multi tier(n-tier), etc.)

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Sample Models

In this section free samples of real world ready made models are waiting. As well tutorials and documentation.

Share your model with the community, share your concerns and problems, you will quickly find a practical solution: RationalCore Comunity can help.

Take your model, go to you slot and make the super solution. Easy programing virtually no code required!

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Easy to use

Supports industry standard ERDs like Oracle MySQL Workbench.


Supports Frameworks: Userfrosting , Symphony, Laravel, etc.

AutoScreen Maker

RationalCore creates all menus and screens for you, yes all!

Add, View, Delete, Search, Paginate, Show, PDF Export, Copy, and more...

Specialized Channels upon request

Artificial Inteligence Bots, Speech Recognition and Syntesis Channel (Alexa, Google Home). Mobile Applications Channel, IoT and more.

Users and Profiles

Role-based access control, which allows for very fine-grained control over user permissions.


Documentation of all features, APIs and screens are automatically generated.

Seeders and Populators

Easy populate the system database with real or autogenerated data.

Eloquent ORM

Stop writing tedious queries for basic database operations. Spin simple one-liners with Laravel's active record implementation, Eloquent.


Supports sophisticated pluralization rules and nested subkeys for seamless multi-language applications.

In place editor (under devellopment).

Request throttling

The throttler lets you define custom rules for limiting request rates by IP or username. Protect your company from the risk of DOS and bruteforce attacks.

Data request APIs

Easily implement sortable, searchable, paginated JSON APIs for your data collections with our customizable Sprunje system.